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Responding to the increasing number of requirements regarding legionella and other bacteria, we also offer water treatment systems. These ensure that clean water is atomized, preventing limescale, dust deposits and deterioration of the machines. Depending on the desired applications and requirements, you can choose between a water softener, UVC lamp or osmosis installation. Based on our extensive experience, we are happy to work with you to determine the best solution.

Prima Air

Prima Air has decades of experience with water treatment systems. We have installed many water sterilizers, water disinfection systems and reverse osmosis installations over time. Usually, we integrate them with our industrial humidification installations. Water treatment modules like UVC sterilization and a reverse osmosis installation filter contaminants from the water and produce extremely clean water that is safe for your employees and prolongs product and installation lifetime.

Water purification systems by Prima Air

For many industries and many commercial purposes it is essential that process water does not contain any contaminants and is free of pathogens and microbes like:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Molds
  • Algae

In order to obtain water that is clean and safe to use during industrial processes, water purification systems are often installed. Tap water and/or recycled process water can be treated with these installations. Water purification systems can be installed for many purposes:

  • Water treatment for industrial applications and processes
  • Water treatment for cooling system and humidification purposes.

Especially for water that is used in industrial humidification installations, it is important that clean water is used. During industrial humidification, water is distributed in the working space in the form a very fine water mist. The small droplets in this mist may be breathed in. You an imagine that if this humidification mist were to contain pathogens or microbes, it would have negative consequences for your employees health.

That is why, at Prima Air, we always include legionella protection in our industrial humidifier installations. We also have additional water purification systems.

Industrial disinfection of water

The process of water disinfection entails the extermination, deactivation or removal of pathogens and microbes in water. The unwanted contaminants are destroyed and the microbe culture will no longer develop in the water. This makes the water suitable for industrial process or the humidification system. Disinfection of water can achieved in different ways:

  • Water UV Sterilization, effective disinfection water systems, offered by Prima Air
  • Water reverse osmosis installation, filtration of water offered by Prima Air. Water heat treatment for disinfection, suitable for big volumes of water. These installations are offered by our sister company: Enerdes.
  • Water chemical treatment for disinfection, unfortunately harmful chemicals are used for this.

Disinfection of water is often referred to as water sterilization. During sterilization process all present pathogens and microbes are exterminated.

Water treatment for Prima Air humidifier

Prima Air industrial humidification installations can humidify big spaces and create perfect moisture levels by means of a high pressure misting system. This systems includes high pressure humidifiers that are placed at strategic locations in the company space. The humidifiers consist high pressure nozzles and a fan that spread a very fine water mist that is absorbed by the air through out the space. This results in high performance humidity control, without wet spots. If employees perform labour in the humidified spaces, it is, naturally, of utmost importance that the water is clean and safe to breath in when absorbed in the air.

Normally, Prima Air industrial humidifier installations are connected to the standard tap water supply. This is safe drinking water, but nevertheless, all Prima Air humidifiers are provided with a legionella protection to make sure no dangerous pathogens can develop in the piping system.

Optionally, Prima Air industrial humidification systems can be connected to the customer’s own water supply which for example uses recycled process water or rain water. Anything is possible. We do advise to integrate additional water treatment systems in this case. It also possible to integrate additional water treatment modules in standard tap water supply installations if desired. For example, if the industrial humidifiers will be turned off for certain periods of time, it may be wise to include a water sterilizer to make sure the water is sterilized in case any type of pathogens and microbes have developed in the water.

Water treatment systems

Prima Air can provide two types of additional water treatment. The first one, ultraviolet water sterilization, UV sterilization in short, is used for the disinfection and sterilization of water. The water is disinfected from all possible pathogens and microbes .

The second type of water treatment is reverse osmosis. This is a suitable process for the very effective filtration of water in order to obtain purified process water.

UVC Sterilization

Water can be sterilized using ultraviolet light radiation, in specific UVC light. UVC light are waves with the shortest wavelength in the UV range, approximately 250 nm. Microorganisms that may develop in water and have an adverse effect on water quality and employee health are for example:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Molds
  • Algae

These microorganisms are sensitive to UV-C light radiation and will be exterminated if radiation power and exposure time are sufficient.

UV Water sterilization

Prima Air can integrate a UV water sterilization module in the industrial humidification installation if desired. We can also supply the module separately to customers. UV water sterilization is done with a lamp that emits UVC light. Water must flow closely past this lamp in order to receive a sufficient amount of UVC radiation for the pathogens to be killed.

Prima Air UV water sterilization components are a tube, that has a water in and outlet. This tube is completely water tight and can be easily integrated in the water circuit.

Water treatment UVC sterilization Prima Air 1

Prima Air Ultraviolet sterilizer

UVC light or UV-C light is used in all types of industries to disinfects surfaces, air or water. It is a golden standard for easy disinfection without adding heat, chemicals or filtration. However, UVC radiation is hazardous. Direct UVC light may harm eyes and skin and contact with direct UVC light must be avoided at all times. The ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere already filters out all the UVC radiation in UV light that comes form the sun. When creating artificial UVC light with lamps, another type of protection must be integrated. This protection must be well designed and properly manufactured in order to be effective and safe to use by employees

Prima Air Ultraviolet sterilizers are manufactured with the highest standards. They are:

  • Robust and Reliable with a long product life time
  • Water tight
  • Electrically safe to use
  • UVC light protection included.

Reverse osmosis installation

A reverse osmosis installation, often abbreviated to RO system installation, uses a semipermeable membrane to separate contaminants from the water. Prima Air reverse osmosis installations push water through this membrane at a high pressure. After this filtration step, there is big, purified and clean flow water and a small, contaminated flow of water. The bigger water flow has been filtered from many salts and minerals and is extremely pure. The filtered salts and minerals are removed via the small water flow.

RO water purifier installation by Prima Air

Prima Air reverse osmosis installations offer high performance filtration of water, with:

  • Low maintenance
  • Chemical -free process
  • Environment friendly filtration
Water treatment Reverse Osmosis installation Prima Air 1

Applications of Prima Air RO filter installation

Prima Air reverse osmosis filters can be integrated in the industrial humidification installation for the reasons such as:

  • Reduces the water salt content
  • Reduces the amount of heavy metals found in the water
  • Reduces nitrates and sulphates concentration
  • Softens hard water, it removes calcium and prevents of limescale

Best Reverse osmosis system

Prima Air develops and manufactures reverse osmosis systems of the best quality. We can size them to any water volume flow that you would like to have filtered. They can be fully integrated in the Prima Air industrial humidifier systems as well, in order to make sure your industrial humidification system will need minimal maintenance and has an operating life time as long as possible.

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