UV-C Disinfection System

All Prima Air humidification systems are fitted with legionella protection as standard. However, this only works when the humidification installation is switched on. In the unlikely event that the installation is switched off for a period of time or to make the installation extra secure, an extension with a UV-C disinfection system can be chosen. 

How it works

UV-C is great for disinfecting water, air and surfaces. UV-C disinfection uses ultraviolet light to disinfect water. The lamp with ultraviolet light shines on the bacteria and fungi, damaging the DNA of the harmful cells. As a result, the cells are no longer able to multiply themselves. As a result, the cells can no longer do any damage and in this way the water is bacteriologically purified. 
UV-C disinfection can be considered a highly effective, economical, environmentally friendly and also very quick and safe method. In addition to killing off microorganisms through the absorption of UVC radiation, the water undergoes no chemical or physical reaction. Factors such as taste, odor, color and pH level remain unchanged, unlike many other methods. 

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The advantages of disinfection with UVC

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