Experience shows that each process or product has different requirements for optimal process conditions. Over the years, Reinders Industrial has designed many installations, fully customized. Our tailor-made installations are based on several basic principles, but each installation is unique and is adapted to your process and business in several ways. These include the desired drying temperature, stepless and precise control of the installation, software tailored to your needs, remote monitoring and service or data logging.

Tailor-made: HPR and HXE series adsorption dryers

The drying units in the HPR and HPX series involve some pre-engineered configurations with different capacities. The quantities of dry air supplied vary between 3,000 and 18,000 cubic meters of dried air per hour. However, experience shows that a hybrid or adsorption dryer is almost always a custom product and must operate at a variety of design conditions, for example, on recirculation through the drying chamber or drying from a constant outside air supply. Using a heat pump operation to dehumidify even at very low temperatures and any necessary post-treatment of dried air (heating or cooling) can be integrated into the plant. We have prepared one basic configuration for drying outdoor air of 28°C and 14 grams of moisture per kilogram of air (a common starting point for adsorption drying, annual incidence approx. 15-20 hours) to a moisture content of 3 g.kg-1 without post-treatment of dried air. The rest of the year the plant can run at lower capacity.

Note: Drying to an absolute moisture content lower than 3 g.kg-1 produces an exponential increase in required installed cooling capacity and investment costs, and depends on the maximum design conditions chosen. In many deployment areas, a higher minimum absolute humidity of, for example, 4 or 5 g.kg-1 and/or more moderate design conditions are sufficient.

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100% Tailor-made

We can also serve you with a completely customized installation. The dehumidification capacity, cooling and heating power, energy recovery and control are fully adapted to your needs and production or dehumidification process. We work with rotors up to a diameter of 4250 mm to supply approximately 100,000 m3 dried process air per hour. The Reinders Industrial tailor-made system can dehumidify, filter, cool and heat your process as required.

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