Sustainability – Shaping the future together

As a leading manufacturing company the Reinders Corporation is firmly embedded in society and deeply aware of its responsible role.  Our companies are involved in some of the worlds most state of the art sustainability projects. We are always open for sustainable initiatives where we can shape the future and improve the planet for our future generations.

Our area's

Our area’s of expertise where we have successfully completed projects with major companies and governments across the world are;

Efficient Energy and Water Consumption

We consider it our responsibility to work as energy efficient as possible bringing both energy costs and emission to a minimum across all our locations worldwide. We supply and engineer solutions for heating, energy, water consumption and food safety with a positive environmental impact. We are continuously engineering and innovating our technology to contribute to combat against the adverse effects of climate change.

Why the Reinders Corporation?

In each of the area’s listed above, we combine our in-depth knowledge of high tech engineering with  our industry expertise to ensure we can tailor-make solutions to complex challenges both on a national and international scale.

“Achieving sustainability will enable the Earth to continue supporting human life.”

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