Sound Isolation Booths

Although modern machinery is becoming increasingly quiet, noise pollution in industrial environments is still increasing. Permissible or legal standards are often exceeded. The result: permanent hearing damage, decreasing motivation and, as a result, increasing absence due to illness. For many years, Reinders Extraction Systems has been designing and producing sound-insulating cabins, enclosures and screens to measure.

The Reinders Extraction Systems expertise

Tailor-made noise reduction

Sound isolation booths in industrial areas

When loud process or noisy machinery cannot be adjusted in order to cause less noise, a soundproof booth can be installed. These booths either isolate the machinery and thus the noise they make, or they can be built as cabins and employees can work in them, protected from the noise.

Acoustic panels

For many years now, Reinders Extraction Systems has been designing and producing custom-made sound cabins, sound-insulating panels and enclosures. If desired, an on-site investigation of the noise will be carried out first. Specialists then develop a cabin or panel according to a standardized, self-supporting system. The advantage of this working method almost speaks for itself: it creates a flexible construction that is easy to assemble, disassemble and expand. There is a choice of movable or stationary constructions.

  • Soundproof cabins
  • Soundproof screens
  • Soundproof booths

Reinders Extraction Systems takes great care of the well-being of our customers’ employees and any local residents. We can provide all our industrial extraction systems with soundproofing. Reinders Extraction Systems can also optimize sound insulation for companies for the customer’s machines or processes that produce more noise than desired or allowed. We have over 100 years of experience in optimizing installations for industry. All our sound insulation solutions are custom made for the customer.

Industrial Noise Control

Some industrial processes or machines produce a lot of noise. The government has set certain standards for noise. If the noise level at a company exceeds these standards, the company must do something about it. It is not always possible to modify the process or machines. Sound insulation can be a solution.

Sound Insulation Industry

Noise pollution can have a major impact on the concentration and health of employees. It is important to keep the noise level below a certain limit in areas where colleagues are working. Local residents may also find the noise generated by machinery or during processes disturbing. Reinders Extraction Systems offers tailor-made solutions for industrial sound insulation. Industrial noise can be problematic for:

  • Employee concentration, greater chance of sloppy work or accidents
  • Employee health and well-being
  • Neighborhood well-being
  • Exceeding legal standards

Sound insulation for businesses

Many industrial processes involve machinery that produces a lot of noise. The fans Reinders Extraction Systems installs for dust extraction and vapor extraction can also produce more noise than has been the case. Noise has a negative effect on the concentration and health of employees and can be disturbing for local residents or nearby companies. If necessary, we supply our industrial extraction installation including noise reduction solutions. We can also install soundproof enclosures or panels at other machines and processes of the customer that produce too much noise. Sound insulation for industry can be achieved by installing for example:

  • Soundproofing casing
  • Soundproof booths
  • Sound Barriers
  • Soundproofing of air supply or return air
  • Soundproofing grilles
  • Acoustic dampers

There are many causes of noise in industry. Applications and noise emitters for which soundproofing for companies is often installed for some include:

  • Pumps
  • Performing sound measurements
  • Noisy machines in a production hall
  • Determining the desired or legal sound levels

HVAC systems can also cause unwanted noise.

    Soundproofing from Reinders Extraction Systems

    Sound can be amplified when there are many “hard” materials around. Hard materials include steel and concrete, and that is exactly what is often present in production areas and workplaces. Sound attenuation can be achieved by installing “soft” materials that absorb sound. The sound does not reverberate further and is thus attenuated. Reinders Extraction Systems has extensive knowledge of sound insulation solutions and sound-absorbing materials. We look at each situation to see what the most ideal soundproofing solution is for the customer. In doing so, we take into account:

    • Sound source
    • Desired noise level
    • Type of noise
    • Employees
    • Residents
    • Legal noise standards
    • Available space
    • Budget
    • Customer requirements

    At Reinders Extraction Systems, we can create soundproofing solutions with soundproofing materials optimized for your application, for the quietest results.

    Reinders Extraction Systems Industrial Soundproof Booth

    If certain machines or equipment cause a lot of noise, a sound-insulating housing or soundproof enclosure can be built. This is placed around the machine or machines. The noise emission of the machines is attenuated, without affecting the efficiency or production quality. The shape and materials of the soundproofing casing are determined with a view to the application so that the best result can be obtained and the employees can work in a quiet environment. In some cases, there is no space for a soundproof enclosure or the machines that cause noise are too large. In these cases, a soundproof booth or the installation of sound barriers can provide a solution. A soundproofing casing from Reinders Extraction Systems is custom-made for each customer and can therefore be fitted with all kinds of unique options that make the process in your company as efficient as possible:

    • With or without doors
    • With or without windows
    • Special windows: double window construction or laminated glass
    • Various sound insulating materials tailored to the application
    • In-and/or outlet ducts with or without slats

    Sound booths from Reinders Extraction Systems

    Instead of isolating process noise, employees can also be isolated from the noise. If it is impossible to muffle or isolate the sources of the noise, a sound booth can be installed. This is a space made of sound-absorbing materials in which the employees are isolated from the noise of the machines or processes and where they can work safely and concentrate. These sound booths can be equipped with a variety of features and conveniences that help employees work safely and efficiently.

    • Number of doors
    • Number of windows
    • Type of soundproof windows, double glazing or laminated glass
    • Depending on the type of noise, various soundproofing materials

    Reinders Extraction Systems Noise Barriers

    Noise barriers are walls of sound-absorbing materials that can be installed to reduce noise pollution in the vicinity of the company. Sometimes, one or more noise barriers in a tactical position are sufficient to sufficiently reduce noise pollution for employees or local residents. Reinders Extraction Systems uses sound measurements to determine the best position for the sound screens, as well as their shape and height. Reinders Extraction Systems noise barriers are developed uniquely for each customer. We can produce them in all sizes and shapes, ensuring that the noise will be attenuated to below the desired level with minimum costs.

    Sound attenuation air supply and exhaust

    Industrial exhaust systems can emit noise for several reasons:

    • Duct systems: the air flows in the ducts can cause noise due to turbulence on bends or near obstacles.
    • Grilles and dampers: Air flow through grilles and valves can cause noise.
    • Fans: Powerful fans run to exhaust air from throughout the building.
    • Impact sound: Sound can be transmitted to parts of the building such as walls, floors, etc.

    Reinders Extraction Systems designs an industrial dust extraction system in such a way that the noise created in ducts, grilles, valves and fans is minimal. We install our dust extraction systems in such a way that minimum contact noise is produced. If additional sound insulation is required, we can install sound attenuation at the air inlet and outlet and sound insulation at the fan. Sometimes a company already has a dust extraction system, for which sound insulation is required afterwards. We can also supply this.

    Soundproof panels

    Soundproofing panels are made of sound absorbing materials. The sound-absorbing panels are placed tactically so that they eliminate noise.

    Acoustic insulation wall
    Acoustic walls can be placed in a room or hung on the wall or ceiling to improve the sound quality in a room.

    Acoustic separation wall for industry
    Acoustic partition walls can provide an acoustic solution to sound problems and noise pollution in industry. In production halls or wherever industrial processes take place, pleasant workplaces can be created for employees by using acoustic partitions. These walls can be placed in such a way that noise pollution is reduced or they can be turned into a soundproof enclosure or a sound booth.

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