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In industry, quality and reliability of machines are very important. You must be able to trust that your machines will always work and are safe for the process and the employees. Reinders Luchttechniek builds extraction systems that meet all quality and safety requirements such as ISO, ATEX and QEX. All Reinders Extractions Systems installations are energy-efficient and sustainable.

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The Reinders Extraction Systems expertise

ISO 9001

Reinders Extraction Systems complies with the ISO 9001 standard. This proves that we comply with the requirements of you as a customer, but also with laws and regulations applicable to the product. The ISO 9001 certificate guarantees the quality management system of Reinders Luchttechniek. Our processes are reliable and are continuously improved. We are traceable in the certificate register of TUV Netherlands.


ATEX 95 guideline

The ATEX 95 Directive imposes obligations on manufacturers of work equipment and equipment used within explosive environments. From the ATEX 95 directive the risks of the installation must be assessed by the manufacturer. The directive means that the manufacturer supplies his equipment with a declaration of conformity in which he confirms that he has assessed the risks with regard to explosion danger. He must also label his products with the Ex sign if they are used in a hazardous area. The manufacturer may determine how he achieves these objectives. All ATEX certified components used by Reinders Extraction Systems have been tested in practice. It is therefore not only calculated on paper that the components in question should comply in case of an explosion, they have also proven themselves in practice! These practical tests are included in the certificates which are available for inspection.

QEX – Quality Extraction

Qex certified companies have their processes of design, production, installation and inspection assessed annually by SKH on the basis of an assessment basis declared binding by the Board of SKH. This basis has been drawn up by a broadly constituted and independent committee. Representatives of insurers, occupational health and safety services and users have, in addition to SKH, FLS and the Metaalunie, participated in drawing up this assessment basis. The government (Ministry of SZW) and employers’ and employees’ organizations have always been informed. SKH also carries out periodic checks on delivered and certified existing installations, assessing whether these fit within the RI&E concerning fire and explosion safety of the company concerned. A strong argument to do business with a Qex-certified company when purchasing, expanding and/or modifying existing dust extraction installations.

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