Plastic Industry

Extraction and filtration in the plastic industry

At an injection molding plant, frame shop, plastics manufacturer or recycling plant, the processing and machining of plastic products and semi-finished products creates a lot of waste. This waste is created, for example, by the milling, sawing or polishing operations. This dust and waste are undesirable because they can be the cause of dust explosions, for example. An extraction system can easily solve these inconveniences. 

The extraction of plastic is always done at the source. The problem is tackled at the source. The extraction of plastics is done in two stages. 

The separator separates the plastic waste

In the first stage, the separator ensures that the waste is separated from the air. The waste is usually collected. In this way, all plastic waste is collected without manpower so that it can go straight to a recycling company. 

The filter box filters the dust from the extracted air

After separating the plasticaval, the air goes to a filter cabinet in the second stage. The filter box filters the dust from the extracted air. After this the clean air can be blown back into the building to keep the heating costs low. Our filters ensure a residual dust emission of less than 1mg per m3!

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