Paper and Cardboard Industry


Extraction and filtration in the paper industry

At a printing plant, bookbinding plant, paper producer or recycling plant, waste is created by processing and handling paper waste. This waste consists of rinds, paper scraps and paper dust. These scraps are worth money, so it soon becomes worthwhile to collect this paper for recycling. With an extraction system, this is done quickly and effectively without burdening your employees with it. The dust that is released can also be efficiently extracted which ensures a clean and healthy working environment. 

Paper extraction takes place in two stages. 

The paper separator separates the paper waste

In the first stage, the paper separator separates the shreds and rinds from the air and paper dust. The paper scraps are usually collected in a compactor. Thus, the paper scraps that are worth money are collected in an efficient manner without involving workers. 

The filter box filters the paper dust from the extracted air

After separating the paper and shreds, the air goes to a filter in the second stage. The filter ensures that the paper dust is separated from the air. After this, the clean air can be blown back into the building to keep the heating and humidification costs low. Our filters ensure a residual dust emission of less than 1 mg per m3.

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