PrimaAir Compact Pump Unit

The PrimaAir Compact pump unit is suitable for humidifying 2 to 3 rooms separately. The Compact pump unit has a maximum capacity of 180 litres of water per hour. This is distributed over 2 to 3 groups (rooms). The 1.1 kW electric motor is very economical. In addition, the pump unit is easy to install and maintenance-friendly.


The advantages of the Compact pump unit:

– Energy-efficient thanks to its 1.1 kW electric motor
– Easy to install and to expand (low assembly costs)
- Eenvoudige bediening
– Small and powerful system for 2 to 3 rooms
- Hoge bevochtigingsefficiëntie


Hogedrukpomp met elektromotor type 010380

Power: 1.1 kW

Capacity: 3.3 l/m

Druk: max 80 bar

Electronic display

Using the electronic display, the desired humidity can be set, after which the system switches on or off automatically. The humidity is measured with an electronic humidity sensor.

How the Compact pump unit works

The pump unit is very suitable for pumping water for air humidification. The pump unit consists of a stainless steel casing containing a 3 micron filter, minimum pressure protection, pressure regulator, pressure indicator, solenoid valves to humidification units, PLC with a 5 inch HMI interface with touch screen and a pump with electric motor. The pump consists of an aluminium gearbox, ceramic plungers, valve body in brass or stainless steel and valves in stainless steel.
De pompeenheid zuigt water aan uit de waterleiding en voert het door een 3 micron filter naar de zuigzijde van de hogedrukpomp. De pomp levert het water onder hoge druk aan het leidingsysteem. De druk wordt door middel van een drukregelaar ingesteld op ongeveer 70 bar.

Download de brochure voor meer informatie: Brochure-PrimaAir-pompunit-Compact


- Stopcontact 230 V 1 fase + nul, 10 Ampère
- Wateraansluiting met terugstroombeveiliging


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