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Moisture can cause big problems in industrial processes or for plants. Our engineers have tailor-made solutions for moisture problems in nearly every industry.


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Reinders Industrial has been solving moisture problems for companies since 1910! Reinders Industrial dehumidifiers can get the humidity level to the appropriate level for any industrial application. 

Humidity problems

High humidity levels can reduce product quality, damage machines and has a negative effect on your employees’ comfort and health. 

Moisture removal by Reinders Industrial dryers

Reinders Industrial Dryers are developed and designed to remove moisture from production halls very efficiently and with low energy consumption. 

Reinders Industrial Moisture control

It is important to control humidity and temperature in your production facilities and work spaces for employees. This has many benefits such as:

  • Production quality control
  • Prevent damage to machines
  • Create a healthy environment for employees

Storage and archiving rooms

Humidity control in storage space sis important for the quality of the products that are stored there. High humidity levels may lead to:

  • Corrosion development
  • Mold development
  • Product degradation
  • For cold storage spaces: icing

Humidity control in Refrigerated room

The air in refrigerated rooms must be dried and treated by air handling units otherwise icing may occur. 

Mold control

Mold development occurs significantly faster in moist and warm spaces. Industrial dehumidifiers dry the air and bring it back to the appropriate temperature. Dry air prevents mold development. 

Prevent corrosion due to moist

Moist may lead to corrosion of critical machine parts. This may lead to production down time or dangerous situations. Industrial dehumidifiers such as Reinders Industrial Dryers can prevent corrosion by drying the air in the production halls or work spaces. 

Reinders Industrial adsorption dehumidifier

Several types of industrial dehumidifiers are available, which all have different working principles. Adsorption dehumidifiers withdraw moisture from the air with an extremely adsorbing material, a desiccant. 

Adsorption dryer

Reinders Industrial develops and builds adsorption dryers from beginning to end. We customize every adsorption dryer we make, such that it perfectly fits the requirements and the application of the customer. Our tailor-made dryers are very energy efficient and provide perfect air treatment and drying results. 

Adsorption Air Dryer - Reinders Industrial

Adsorption air dryers use a ventilator that sucks the air out of the production hall or room. This air is dried and brought to the desired humidity level and temperature. Then it is blown back into the room. The dry air will withdraw the moisture present in the room or in the products that are to be dried. 

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