Industrial Cannabis Dryer by Enerdes®

Enerdes has extensive experience with the design of industrial drying systems and rooms for the cannabis industry. We can engineer a system to fit your needs, whether it is for a small or large scale production. With predetermined drying curves, homogenous airflow and accurate sensing you will be able to achieve the drying conditions accurately and repeatedly  in order to obtain the best results possible. If you would like to know how we can help you get the best drying systems, please contact us for more information on a industrial cannabis dryer.

The Enerdes expertise

Agriculture dryer

Enerdes is a big manufacturer of professional drying installations for the agricultural industry. We have built industrial cannabis dryers for greenhouse companies all over the world. Our decades of experience and innovation in the greenhouse industry are the foundation for the development of a greenhouse dryer that has maximum performance and minimal energy consumption.

Apart from growing and production of crops, greenhouse companies can also opt to execute other post-harvest processes, like drying. Some plants may need to be dried after growing or flowering, so they can be processed for other products. Cannabis for example, may be processed for medicinal purposes. It can be incorporated in all types of medicinal cannabis related products like:

  • Medicinal Cannabis Concentrates
  • Medicinal Cannabis Oils
  • Medicinal Cannabis Shatters
  • Cannabis Edibles
  • Cannabis Waxes

Industrial cultivation of Hemp plants is a growing market. Hemp plants are grown mostly outdoor when they are used for grain and fibre production. However, if hemp is cultivated for CBD production, the protective and controlled environment that can be created inside a greenhouse is preferred. Hemp plants are dried and treated such that can be used for purposes like:

  • Hemp grain
  • Hemp Fibres
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Hemp Oils
  • Hemp flax
  • Hemp CBD

In other agricultural industries, it is beneficial to invest into seed drying.

Industrial cannabis dryer developed by Enerdes

For cannabis drying it is very important that the humidity content in the plant is reduced at an optimal speed. This means the temperature and humidity levels in the drying room or drying box must be controlled perfectly. If the drying process is too slow, molds may develop and ruin the harvest. If the drying process goes too fast or at the wrong temperature, the main active compounds may be degraded or destroyed. Any drying curve other than the optimal one leads to crop losses or product quality reduction.

Enerdes has developed a unique dryer for industrial cannabis and hemp growers. An Enerdes cannabis dryer has been optimized to control temperature and humidity in the drying room to a perfect degree. We engineer the drying room I such a way, that every plant in the room experience the exact same drying cycle. Our advanced system makes it possible, to fill the drying room completely with cannabis plants, trimmed or untrimmed and yet have a completely homogeneous drying result.

Advantages of Enerdes Greenhouse dryer

  • Dries cannabis and hemp to perfect product
  • Extremely homogeneous temperature and humidity
  • Possibility to dry trimmed and untrimmed plants
  • High plant volume capacity
  • Automatic process, low labor costs
  • No risk for contamination or mold development, disinfection incorporated in dryer
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust and reliable, no high-risk technology used
  • Technical support always available
  • Fast but controlled drying process
  • CBC friendly as well as preservation of other active compounds
  • Odour control can be incorporated
  • Works at low temperatures
  • Safe and secure technology

Commercial hemp dryer made by Enerdes

Enerdes drying installations can also be used for hemp plants. Our installation are CBC friendly and make sure your plants remain in perfect state throughout the drying process. Drying for extraction can be done for the following purpose:

  • All concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Oils
  • Waxes
  • Shatters
Industrial cannabis dryer Enerdes 1

Industrial hemp drying equipment

Enerdes cannabis dryers and hemp dryer rooms remove humidity from plants based on condensation principles. The drying process contains the following steps:

  1. Air from the drying room is disinfected form contaminants and present mold spores are killed and subsequently removed from the air by a UV-C light module and high grade filters, respectively.
  2. The air is cooled down to very low temperature. Cold air has a lower maximum absolute humidity than hot air has, and consequently, condensation of the water occurs.
  3. The water condensate is collected into a drain and be recycled and treated for reuse in the greenhouse.
  4. The process air is heated to the appropriate temperature and brought back into the room with the perfect air distribution, such that the plant can all dry with the same temperature and humidity levels.

As our drying process is based on condensation, the plants in the drying room are always at  a comfortable temperature of max 20°C. This reduces the risk of mold development on the plants and increases hygiene levels in the drying room. Also, the low temperatures we work at are much more safe then dryers that work with heat. It is also better for your product quality to work at low temperatures, the active compounds in the cannabis and hemp plants stay well preserved. Our industrial drying machines are based on simple and robust technology that has proved itself for decades. Our dryers are very robust and reliable and have less risk on downtime than other types of dryers.

Commercial drying and curing rooms

The drying curve is extremely important for preservation of product quality when drying cannabis. We design the drying installation capacity and power of our dryers based on the customer’s requirements. Together with the customer we will determine what volume of cannabis plants will have to be dried in what amount of time. From this, we deduct how much water needs to be removed over what time period. Based on our experience with cannabis drying and scientific research we have determined a good drying curve. Off course, we can adjust the drying curve based on the customer requirements. To determine the optimal drying curve for your greenhouse, we gather the following information for the drying rate:

  • Drying room Temperature
  • Condensate temperature
  • Initial moisture content plants
  • Final moisture content plants
  • Relative humidity drying room
  • Absolute humidity drying room
  • Drying period

Our cannabis dryers can be scaled from small drying volumes to very big ones. Below are some characteristics for an industrial cannabis drying room we installed in 2019:

Total number of rooms: 14

  • Working principle: Condensate drying
  • 360 m3 Room volume
  • 1250 kg Wet product batch volume
  • ± 15 % Final product moisture content
  • ± 5000 m3/h air flow through dryer

Total number of rooms: 4

  • Working principle: Freeze drying
  • 210 m3 Room volume
  • 1450 kg Wet product batch volume
  • ± 15 % Final product moisture content
  • ± 8000 m3/h air flow through dryer

Automatic cannabis dryer by Enerdes

Enerdes cannabis dryers are fully automated and have very precise temperature and humidity control. With temperature, relative humidity and pressure sensors, we can completely control the air quality in the drying room and reduce the plant moisture content at the desired rate. The plants will be dried to the desired moisture content within a short period of time, while completely avoiding the risk of mold development as well as maintaining product quality. Our commercial cannabis dryers and industrial hemp dryers live up to extremely high standards.

Greenhouse UV disinfection module for Mold protection

Our cannabis dryers contain a UV light module. Within this module are lamps that emit UV-C light. With sufficient power and exposure time, this UV-C light will kill all bacteria, viruses and more importantly: all molds and mold spores that spread via the air. All microbes are completely eliminated in our UV module, while maintaining perfect air quality. We take into account all safety precautions that must be included when working with UV-C lamps and UV-C disinfection. Our cannabis dryers are completely safe for your employees and your plants.

Greenhouse air filtration

All contaminations that spread via the air in the drying room are filtered out in our filter module. We use HEPA grade filters to make sure that all microbes that have been killed by the UV-C light, are caught and eliminated from the air. Only the most clean and dry air is brought back into the drying room. HEPA filters have a very high pressure drop.  Our cannabis dryers are equipped with a fan that can produce very high pressures, move high volumes of air and is energy efficient at the same time. 

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