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Prima Air is a leading provider of innovative humidifiers for a variety of industries. Our patented humidification systems play an important in providing optimal humid climate. With over a century of experience and a worldwide network we have the know-how to design and engineer the best solution together with our clients. Our high quality humidification systems are energy efficient and built to last.

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Moisture problems and humidity issues in large spaces or industrial applications

At Prima Air we have over a hundred years of experience in developing and producing climate control systems for professional companies and industrial applications. Since 1910, we have been innovating and manufacturing high tech solutions for cooling, drying, heating, ventilation and humidification. Our experience and research and development have enabled us to develop an industrial humidification system that is extremely energy efficient, water-saving and thus much more environmentally friendly and cost effective at the same time.

For a company it can be disastrous to have to work with dry air for many reasons. For employees it is very uncomfortable to work in dry and hot spaces. Additionally, it might also affect their health as it could have an effect on their eyes, lungs and airways. Production wise, dry air or fluctuations in relative humidity could diminish product quality. For example with paint jobs or if the product base material is sensitive to moist. In a space with dry air, static electricity could also be built up as well as a fire hazard in case one is working in an industry with wood, wood chips, paper or other fine dust.

For big spaces like production facilities, manufacturing halls, storage, offices et cetera, obtaining a constant humidity at a desired relative humidity level is a big challenge. Small portable humidifiers meant for residential purposes will barely have any effect and create an extremely unbalanced moisture distribution, if anything. Systems likes these will have a high energy consumption and use a lot of water. Portable and commercial humidifier may cost you a lot of money and have a less than desirable effect.

The solution to industrial humidity problems

A high pressure misting system, sometimes also called a high pressure fogging system, creates a mist directly in the room. Fans then spread this mist with extremely fine water droplets horizontally through your working space. The micro droplets are absorbed in the air, creating a homogenous moisture distribution throughout the entire space, without creating wet spots or droplets in your area.  Due to a high pressure pump and the high pressure nozzles, the system is able to create a very fine water mist that is distributed and absorbed in the entire space. This results in a system that is:

  • Effective: desired and homogeneous humidity levels without wet spots
  • Energy efficient
  • Water saving
  • Cost effective

How do high pressure misting systems work? Working principles of high pressure atomization by Prima Air

A high pressure misting system made by Prima Air consists of several components that are sized and chosen depending on the following factors and more:

  • Volume of space that you wish to control humidity levels in,
  • Shape of the space
  • Desired relative humidity level
  • Ventilation rate
  • Temperature fluctuations

The working principles of a Prima Air  high pressure misting system can be simplified to the following working steps:

  1. A pump puts 70 Bar on water that is then pushed through high pressure nozzles hanging at strategic places.
  2. These high pressure nozzles have extremely small openings, this creates a mist of micro droplets: small water droplets with a diameter of approximately 5 micron.
  3. A misting fan spreads the mist throughout your space.
  4. A mist with very fine water droplets is easily distributed and absorbed in the air. The air in your working space will have a higher, uniform moisture content and the relative humidity increases homogeneously in the working space.
  5. A relative humidity sensor or several distributed across the space, measure the relative humidity level. A small controller determines whether the desired relative humidity level has been reached, or more high pressure humidification is needed.

Advantages of Prima Air high pressure fogging systems

  • Low energy consumption, High capacity
  • One control unit can supplly humidification to several spaces.
  • Air humidifcation and adiabatic cooling
  • Stainless steel construction possible of high quality
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Very little service and maintenance needed
  • Quickly absorbed in the air!

Components of a high pressure misting system by Prima Air

The following components can be found in a Prima Air high pressure fogger system:

  • High pressure misting pump
  • High pressure valves
  • High pressure misting fan
  • High pressure misting nozzles or humidification nozzles or fogging nozzles
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Legionella protection
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Control screen
  • Simple common plug for regular electricity network, because at Prima Air we only sell easy to install, plug and play systems!

Applications of Prima Air high pressure fogger system

Prima Air high pressure fog systems can be useful for any type of industry. They are easily installed and can be quickly upscaled if necessary.  Prima Air has been able to help out customers and solve their humidity problems in many industries and applications. Examples of the sectors where you can find our high pressure misting products are:

  • Animal cooling systems
  • Automotive industry
  • Dust suppression systems
  • Greenhouses, horticulture and growing rooms
  • Laboratoria
  • Medical appliances
  • Musea and archives
  • Offices
  • Packaging industry
  • Painting and paint shops
  • Paper and pulp industries
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Playgrounds
  • Printing
  • Production facilities
  • Restaurant terrace / café terrace
  • Storage / Warehouse
  • Textile industry
  • Wood industries and woodworking

High pressure misting system impact on health and safety by Prima Air

It is important to know for sure that a humidification system is safe to use in a working space where employees have to work. Especially, if it is their main working area. Prima Air foggers are save to use because of the built-in legionella protection all systems have. Optionally, a disinfecting component can be added that can disinfect the water from microbes such as bacteria and molds. Additionally, one could opt to add a reverse osmoses filter that purifies the water from salts and minerals.


Energy saving and environmentally friendly high pressure misting systems by Prima Air

Prima Air industrial humidifiers have been designed to be sustainable and have a high durability. Compared to other humidification principles, high pressure misting systems are extremely energy efficient and water saving. Our system are the most environmentally friendly choice for humidification systems.

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