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Greenhouses require many fans if they aim for constant and reliable harvesting. High quality crops require fresh air and air circulation. Greenhouse fans generate ventilation and circulation. Enerdes is a main supplier of Climafans, which are affordable greenhouse fans that deliver excellent performance. Climafans are EC fans, which means they are extremely energy efficient and have a long life span. They have been developed such that they can be easily integrated in your greenhouse and they can be monitored and controlled at all times by MODBUS. Climafans can move air volumes up to 25.000 m3/h (15.000 cfm).  Please contact us for more information and technical specifications on the greenhouse fans we can offer you.

Greenhouse ventilation, air circulation and air distribution Enerdes

The Enerdes expertise

Greenhouse ventilation fans made by Enerdes

Before ordering a big amount of fans for your greenhouse, it is important to determine how many fans you will need, where you will place them and how you will power and control them. Some greenhouses simply turn their fans on and off, others work with variable speed fans. Many different types and sizes of fans exist and it depends on the type of greenhouse, climate and available space you have, which fan is the optimal choice for you.

Fans in a greenhouse for air circulation - Enerdes

Hot air will rise to the top of your greenhouse. Most likely, you will have fresh air intakes somewhere along the walls of your greenhouse. Without fans or circulation fans, this would lead to an extremely variable temperature distribution and CO distribution in your greenhouse. One area of plants may be too dry or grow too slow, other areas may get too wet and develop mould or diseases. In other words, without fans your product quality and crop yield would be very disappointing.

Enerdes can model your greenhouse and determine the most optimal fan placement with the minimal amount of fans to save you energy and costs. Enerdes developes, produces and supplies all types of greenhouse climate control systems including all types of greenhouse fans:

  • Circulation fans
  • Ventilation fans
  • Fresh air intake fans
  • Exhaust fans
  • Air hose fans or distribution duct fans
  • Shutter fans
  • Variable speed fans
  • Fan motors
  • Fan accessories
  • Fan speed control
Greenhouse fans air circulation ventilation Enerdes

Greenhouse fan placement and fan setup by Enerdes

Fan placement is incredibly important in a greenhouse. Too little fans and the temperature distribution as well as the CO distribution will be suboptimal for you plants. This will lead to reduced crop quality and less crop yield. Too many fans and your energy bill will be unnecessarily large. Enerdes can model the optimal amount of fans to be placed in your greenhouse and their orientation. It is important to think about the orientation and the distance between the fans, otherwise vertices may occur in one area, whereas stagnant air occurs in other areas. Stagnant air is very disadvantageous because it causes reduced crop growth and increases the chance for plant diseases and mould. Information needed to determine the optimal greenhouse fan placement is for example:

  • Greenhouse area
  • Greenhouse volume
  • Crop type
  • Outside climate
  • Inside climate
  • Corridor positions
  • Power supply locations

Greenhouse ventilation calculator for optimal air flow

As every greenhouse and especially their climate and their crop are unique, it is important to model the greenhouse in order to determine what greenhouse climate systems are most suitable for you. At Enerdes we have over a hundred years of thermodynamic knowledge and greenhouse experience available. Our highly educated engineers can use CFD (modelling of air flows and water) and in house developed thermodynamic models to accurately design your greenhouse. We have developed many different air handling units, each optimal in different circumstances. We know exactly what will fit your product and your budget best. Feel free to contact us for advice.

Greenhouse cooling and circulation fans or recirculation fans

It is important to think of both horizontal air circulation as well as vertical air circulation when furnishing a greenhouse.  Circulation fans hanging in the top of the greenhouse will provide horizontal air circulation as they will spread the air evenly across the entire greenhouse area, resulting in a homogeneous temperature distribution for all plants. It also spreads the introduced fresh air around the whole greenhouse, giving all plants the same CO and CO2 levels. Air distribution hoses or air ducts as well as strategically placed fresh air intakes, help with vertical air circulation. This evens out temperature differences even further, but is especially beneficial to optimizing humidity levels. Moisture build-up and plant deterioration are avoided when air circulation and air distribution are executed well. At Enerdes we can help you achieve this and we will design the most optimal air distribution and air circulation system for you. Getting the best air flow to all plants while keeping energy consumption to a minimum is our main goal!

Advantages of greenhouse ventilation and air circulation according to Enerdes

  • Optimal product quality and crop yield by creating a homogeneous conditions for all plants
    • Temperature distribution
    • CO2 levels and distribution
    • Humidity distribution
  • Avoid plant diseases and mould development
    • Lower humidity levels
    • No moisture build up
    • Cool and dry air introduction under gutters
  • Environmentally friendly and economically advantageous
    • Energy efficient fans, see next section
    • Less cooling and heating needed

Recirculation under the crop

A lot of moisture buildup under the gutter is bad for the crop. This is the result of stagnant air. To prevent a “dead” climate, recirculation fans are installed under the crop gutters, connected to air distribution hoses. The fan ensures that moisture build-up under the gutter is prevented because there is a constant air flow under the crop. The plants are not directly in the airflow of the ventilator, but they do benefit from the air movement that is created. This also results in an increase in production and an energy saving.

Production increase through recirculation under the crop

With recirculation under the crop, air movement and air mixing creates a more homogeneous temperature, moisture and CO2 distribution in the greenhouse. The more even this climate becomes, the better it is for the plants and this results in higher production.

Energy savings through recirculation under the crop

Recirculation under the crop ensures that the heat and CO2 in the greenhouse are distributed more optimally. This allows for energy savings. In addition, the air displacement ensures a better heat distribution of the tubular rail heating. This results in a lower return water temperature.

Enerdes is the exclusive dealer of EBM Papst EC fans

Enerdes is the exclusive dealer of EBM Papst EC fans for horticulture. EC technology has both ecological and economic excellence. EC fans move up to 2 times more volume than comparable AC fans at the same power consumption. In addition, they have a very long lifetime and are energy efficient. Our fans can be controlled wirelessly per fan or by means of a 0-10V signal or PWM control.

Controlling fans under the gutter wirelessly

Our fans can be controlled wirelessly through a computer program. The rotation speed and startup time are easily set for all your fans, for a specific group of fans and even per single fan. Once multiple fans are assigned the same setpoints, the built-in repeaters ensure that the signal is repeated. To protect your data, the sender and receiver use encrypted data. The software is suitable for all EBM Papst EC fans. Installation is easy, we can attach any plug ex-factory (for example Wieland) to make the system plug-and-play. Now the system is ready to use immediately and plug directly into the power outlet and the system works immediately. Besides wireless control, our fans can also be controlled by a 0-10 V signal or PWM control.

Recirculation under the crop in combination with air distribution hoses and end caps

The fans under the gutter are coupled to air distribution hoses. The hole pattern in the air distribution hoses ensure that the heat and CO2 reaches the plant in an optimal way. End caps are placed at the end of an air hose and provide more speed at the end of the air hose. In addition, the variably adjustable outlets allow for better control of the climate at the center aisle.

Enerdes Greenhouse EC fan vs AC fan

Traditionally AC fans are applied in greenhouses. Enerdes has these available for you and can deliver them quickly in any desirable amount.

We are also the exclusive supplier of EC fans for greenhouses and horticulture companies. EC fans have been developed to be an improvement on AC fans and they have many advantages as stated below:

  • 99% energy efficiency which is more environmentally friendly and will save you a serious amount of money. AC fans have an efficiency of only 20 to 70 %
  • Less heat produced by fan motor
  • Less noise
  • Longer lifespan
  • 2 times more air flow, thus 2 x more air volume is moved per hour
  • High air flow to fan size ratio. Which means a much smaller fan can be used to move the same amount of air, or much more air can be moved by the same size fan compared to AC fans.
  • Available in both axial and radial types.
  • Wireless controllable option, wired 0-10V or PWM control also available.

Axial fans are suitable for low pressure systems, like circulation or recirculation fans in the greenhouse area. These fans are also used for radiation under the gutters, which is important to avert plant diseases and mold development. As well as for  air distribution hoses, or air ducts, which improve the air flow and homogeneous climate in your greenhouse even more.

Radial fans are suitable for high pressure systems.

Variable speed fans by Enerdes

EC fans can be controlled by a computer program or a more simple control cabinet. This will allow you to set your fans at a variable speed and control each fan or each group of fans individually. It is important to adjust the fan speed based on information from temperature differences, relative humidity levels and air pressure measured by sensors placed at different locations in your greenhouse. If desired, Enerdes can provide you with a complete system that includes

  • Fans
  • Power and signal cables
  • Control cabinet
  • Sensors
  • PLC computer program that processes sensor information and sets the speed for each fan at the optimal level. A HMI screen can be included to give you process insight as well as the possibility to monitor and control your greenhouse climate and the fans.

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