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Convection tubes or air distribution hoses allow for a better air distribution in your greenhouse. It is important for your plants that there is an even temperature and humidity distribution all throughout the greenhouse as well as that there is air movement around the plants. Our patented Double air distribution hoses allow for the best pressure and air development. Single air hoses are also available. 

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Similar convection tubes terminology

Greenhouse accessory suppliers use different terms for similar products. At Enerdes we prefer the term Air Hoses and for our optimized and patented product: Double Air Distribution Hoses. Below is a list that all refer to air hoses for greenhouses:

  • Air duct
  • Air distribution duct
  • Air hoses
  • Convection tubes
  • Convection tubing
  • Jet tubes
  • Poly convection tubing
  • Poly ducts

What are convection tubes?

Convection tubes are plastic foil tubes made of polyethylene that can be filled with air. These tubes are installed in greenhouses in order to provide fresh air and air circulation to the crops. Some are unpunched for air transport. The tube foil can also punched in specific patterns to provide optimal air distribution and air circulation around the crops. The tubes can either be placed in the top of the greenhouse to provide heating and cooling in a very energy efficient and cost saving way. Or they can be placed under the crop gutters, in order to provide moving air around the plants and improve moisture concentrations. The convection tubes functions in the following way:

  1. A fan blows air into the air hose. This air can come either from outside or inside the greenhouse:
  2. Internal air: Circulating greenhouse air under the crop gutters prevents stagnant air near the plants. This provides an optimal moisture balance in the greenhouse and reduces diseases such as botrytis for the plants.
  3. External air: Circulating fresh air with the air hoses additionally allows for better CO2 balances in the greenhouse and an inexpensive but efficient way of heating or cooling the greenhouse.
  4. The Double Air Distribution Hose has a hole pattern that provides optimal pressure and air velocity. It has been engineered such that the air velocity and thus the air circulation will be equal over the whole length of the convection tube.
  5. Tube hangers allow the convection tube to be positioned in an ideal location in the greenhouse and will make sure the tube is not damaged. Enerdes has designed its own perfect tube hangers that are durable, lightweight, UV -stabilised and minimally invasive to the air hose foil.
  6. End caps are placed at the end of the air hose. This way the pressure distribution in the hose can be controlled as well as the air velocity at the end of the air hose. This can for example help with cooling of the greenhouse corridors.

Why do I need a convection tube system?

A convection tube system provides an energy efficient way of air ventilation and cooling and heating in a greenhouse. The poly convection tubing implements a uniform air distribution throughout the entire greenhouse and around all crops. It also causes air mixing which in turn ensures better CO2 balances and a homogeneous temperature distribution around all plants. This results in constant and reliable quality of crops.

The moisture balance or humidity levels in the greenhouse also improve when a proper convection tube system is installed in the greenhouse. This enhances crop quality and reduces the risk of mold or plant disease development.

Air distribution hoses can provide a constant flow of fresh air and thus eliminate stagnant air, improves humidity levels, removes dry and cold areas or hot and wet ones. This all results in a more consistent environment for your crops.

In conclusion, installing a proper air distribution hose system in your greenhouse will increase product quality and crop yield and save you energy as well as money. It is an environmentally friendly and a cost effective investment.

Two types of air hose foil are available, transparent and white. Both are available in varying material thicknesses. The punctore hole pattern can be adjusted on request or optimized to your specific application. The best choice depends on the greenhouse climate and the customers application.

Air hose Type:



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Crops will still receive 58 % of sunlight

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Easy to see when hoses need to be replaced

Harder to see, depending on greenhouse climate. Standard is once every year??

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Advantages Enerdes Convection Tubes for greenhouses

  • Patented air hose design provides most optimal air pressure and air velocity conditions.
  • Optimized hole patterns. Our engineers can model the air flow in the greenhouse and the air flow around the gutters that you specifically use in your greenhouse. The hole pattern on the air hoses can be adjusted to provide a perfect air flow around your specific system. This increases product quality and crop yield!
  • Enerdes is also the main supplier of the best fans for greenhouses worldwide. Because the fans we supply are optimised for air distribution hoses and use minimal power, this will save the customer a lot of energy and thus costs.
  • Enerdes fans can be controlled in order to provide either uniform conditions throughout the entire greenhouse or specifically target areas that contain crops and use minimal energy in greenhouse areas that are currently not used.
  • Enerdes has designed its own end caps that are uniquely efficient, easy to install and maintain and effective in creating the perfect air flow in your greenhouse.
  • Enerdes has experience and is a worldwide supplier of every possible greenhouse climate control system. Our expertise enables us to provide our customer with the best climate system possible that is compatible and tailor-made for the design of your greenhouse and the requirements of your crops for fair prices.

Enerdes Air hose properties

  • Patented design for optimal pressure distribution and air circulation
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • UV-stabilised
  • Perfect perforation pattern
  • Robust plastic
  • Good tear resistance

Other suppliers do not have the right to produce our patented DADH’s and can only deliver single air hoses that have a worse performance and are less energy efficient. They are mainly based in USA. Enerdes supplies air hoses globally, including the United States and Canada:

  • Cropking
  • Agriculture Solutions
  • M. Leonard (Amleo)
  • Grower’s Solutions.

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