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With the development of the first semi-closed greenhouse technology back in 2005, we have been working extensively on improving the technology behind it. In order to get the most even air distribution in the greenhouse we use air handling units. Our air handling units are custom made to your wishes. We will calculate the perfect combination of the EC-Fan, cooling- and/or heating coils and air distribution hoses for your application. We have supplied over 250 ha of greenhouses with air handling units, so we have the experience to find the best solution for your greenhouse. Contact us via the form above.


Air Handling Units are systems that provide air treatment for greenhouses in order to create the desired climate for crop production. They use either inside or outside air, depending on the outdoor climate compared to the indoor climate and taking into account the customer’s wishes. Enerdes is part of Reinders corporation, which has been developing and producing air handling units since 1910! At Enerdes we have decades of experience in the agriculture and horticulture industry. We have developed air treatment innovations that have saved greenhouse companies an enormous amount of energy and costs. Our AHU’s are of very high quality and can control the greenhouse climate very precisely. Our greenhouse engineers have developed systems that have excellent performance and at the same time are extremely energy efficient and cost effective.

Functioning of air handling units

Enerdes has designed air handling units for the worldwide patented semi-closed greenhouse system to create an optimal climate in the greenhouse and have better control over the temperature and humidity.

An air handling unit will put the air in motion and provides an optimal temperature. They can use both inside air and outside air. The air from the greenhouse itself can be re-heated or cooled using a heating element. The outside air enters the AHU through the cooling pads. By cooling down or heating up the air, the AHU can provide optimal temperature and humidity to the greenhouse.

Enerdes air handling units

Enerdes has developed various air handling units for different greenhouses. Our smallest unit is designed specifically for greenhouses where space is limited and the gutters are relatively short. Our biggest air handling units are designed for large greenhouses with long gutters. For example, at the 128-acre greenhouse from Windset in Santa Maria, our biggest air handling units are installed. In addition to size, we distinguish between units with radial and axial fans.

Air Handling Unit AHU Horti Climate Enerdes 1

When space is restricted and a greenhouse is bound to existing structures this model is the preferred choice.

Air Handling Unit AHU Horti Climate Enerdes 2

This air handling unit is specifically designed for mild climates and/or medium sized path lengths.

Air Handling Unit AHU Horti Climate Enerdes 3

This air handling unit is specifically designed spacious greenhouses that have large sized path lengths.

Air Handling Unit AHU Horti Climate Enerdes 4
AHU 1VECA910 & 800

This budget version makes use of an axial fan instead of a radial fan.

Air handling corridor

The demand for climate-controlled greenhouses and other areas is rising. Other areas connected to the growing areas where climate control is beneficial are:

  • Storage areas
  • Warehouses
  • Corridors
  • Drying rooms
  • Trimming rooms
  • Packaging areas
  • Offices

Large temperature differences between the greenhouse climate and the climate in the packaging area or corridor lead to adverse effects and quality loss of the harvests. A big difference in climate also makes it more difficult for the air handling units to keep the growing areas at the desired temperature and humidity. It may save energy and costs to include other company areas in the climate management plan as well. The climate-controlled environment also results in better working conditions for your employees.

The importance of air handling in the corridor

In the past, the climate in the packaging area and the corridor was often not optimized. Large temperature differences between the climate in the greenhouse and the climate in the packaging area and/ or corridor leading to adverse effects and quality loss of the products. Air handling in these areas ensures that the climate there is controllable. We can determine exactly what the optimal number of AHU’s is for the space you wish to have climate control for. Based on several factors like:

  • Outdoor climate
  • Desired temperature and humidity levels in the different spaces
  • Crop type and evaporation of water from the crop
  • Greenhouse space

We can advise which type of Enerdes air handling units (AHU’s) are the best choice for you and we can compute the minimum number of AHU’s needed. We always keep in mind that minimizing operating costs is of utmost important to commercial and industrial greenhouses.

Air handling for better working conditions

Temperature differences between the climate in the greenhouse and the climate in the packaging area and / or corridor is bad for the health of your employees. Besides the advantages for your harvests and products, air handling also improves the working conditions for your employees.

Enerdes air handling units for the corridor or the packaging area

Enerdes has developed special air handling units that are designed for use in the corridor and / or the packaging area. These are usually extended areas. Therefore, the AHU’s must be powerful in order to produce a high air volume. Our AHU’s for the corridor and the packaging are equipped with fans with a larger electric motor, that have a very high energy efficiency.

Greenhouse Air Handling

Greenhouse air handling is an integrated process of many systems. Enerdes has developed, improved and manufactured all of these systems.  Together with the customer, we determine how many of each air handling unit are needed based on the lay out of the greenhouse and the type of crop that customer will be growing. Enerdes Air handling units can be supplied with everything that is needed to power and control them.

Fogging or cooling pads:

These air handling units provide humidification in the greenhouse. Enerdes Industrial humidifiers are optimized for large scale humidification, with minimal energy and water consumption. Humidification may also assist in cooling the greenhouse if needed.

Greenhouse Heating:

Enerdes Air Handling Units can heat either inside air or outside, using a heating element like a coil. This choice is based on how the desired indoor climate and the actual outdoor climate relate to each other.

Greenhouse Cooling:

A greenhouse can be cooled by means of humidification or with greenhouse chillers. Most commercial greenhouses use evaporative cooling to cool the growing space. Chillers or chilled water cooling systems offer even more accuracy in the climate control of greenhouse cooling. However, their operating costs are higher than for evaporative cooling systems.


Due to temperature fluctuations or evaporation from the plant surface, the greenhouse may get too humid. High humidity can be prevented by air handling units that dehumidify the air. Enerdes developes and produces industrial dehumidifiers or dryers. Enerdes dryers or industrial dehumidification systems are also applied in drying rooms.

Greenhouse air filtration

It is important to realise that air that is brought into the greenhouse may contain contaminants like insects, pollen, mold spores and bacteria. Filter modules placed in the fresh air intake AHU’s can prevent these contaminants from entering your greenhouse. Several filtering grades are available, each filter grade optimized to prevent a particular particle size from entering your greenhouse. The higher the filter grade, the smaller the minimum particle size that is filtered. Higher filter grades also have a higher pressure drop and will need a more powerful fan to move a sufficient amount of air volume into the greenhouse.

Exhaust air can also be filtered, although the goal in this case will be odour control and VOC elimination (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Greenhouse ventilation

Air handling units in the greenhouse also provide additional ventilation in the greenhouse. The AHU’s create air movement which is good for temperature and humidity control. Some Air Handling Units concern fresh air intake, other are part of the greenhouse exhausts.

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