Air distribution hoses by Enerdes®

For the most optimal homogenous climate in your greenhouse, air distribution hoses are a must. Enerdes is the world leader in the air distribution hose technology. Together with our customer we will produce a custom hole pattern for every application. 

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The Enerdes expertise

Air distribution hoses for greenhouses

Enerdes has been a pioneer in greenhouse innovation for decades. Over the years we have obtained many patents in greenhouse technology. One of them is for the double air distribution houses. We are experts in creating the perfect air quality in greenhouses. Since 1910, we have been involved with climate control systems. Our agriculture and horticulture knowledge has allowed us to develop an air distribution system that has revolutionized the greenhouse industry by giving greenhouses the optimal air distribution, with long lasting fans that require very little energy. Our air distribution hoses have the best air distribution performance, they have the longest product life time and have fair prices.

A perfect air distribution in the greenhouse is essential for your crop. Air distribution hoses ensure a continuous flow of air which is necessary to, for example:

  • Reduce diseases (Botrytis)
  • Reduce mold development
  • Improve distribution of humidity
  • Improve temperature distribution
  • Air mixing
  • Dry air introduction

Due to air hose ventilation, the air is distributed perfectly over the entire length of the hose. The result is a balanced growth of the crop and reliable yield rates. The hoses can be placed under the gutters, as shown in the picture below. This provides horizontal air movement, and creates optimal growing conditions near the plant. Air distribution hoses avoid the problems that come with stagnant air in a greenhouse. Air movement near the plant has been proven to improve plant health and it reduces humidity accumulation.

Air hoses can also be hung in top of the greenhouse. This mixes air in the entire space and provides even temperature distribution and a homogeneous humidity distribution on a big scale. The air hoses in top of the greenhouses provide both horizontal and vertical air circulation.

Air distribution hose Enerdes

Lower minimum fan speed for Enerdes air hoses

The great advantage of the Enerdes air distribution hoses is that, independent of the fan speed, you have a perfect blowout over the entire length of the air distribution hose. This enables you to set a lower minimum fan speed for the times when less air movement is desired. This is a big difference compared to single layer air distribution hoses. The lower fan speed saves energy and this is advantageous for the energy bill. It is the environment friendly and the economical solution for greenhouses.

Enerdes also supplies the fans and everything needed to power them up and control them. You can even control the speed of each fan or fan group separately, thus controlling the air circulation in different areas of the greenhouse in any desirable way. This may come in handy if for example you have areas for different plant growth stages or different plant densities.

No horizontal temperature differences by perfect insulation

The perfect insulation of the double-layer air distribution hoses ensures that there are no horizontal temperature differences in the greenhouse. Both the horizontal and the vertical temperature gradient are much smaller compared to conventional air hoses. This allows the crop to show even growth behaviour throughout your entire greenhouse and it prevents cold spots and wet areas.

Fewer diseases in the greenhouse by perfect air movement

Stagnant air in a greenhouse is the source for plant diseases. By keeping the air in motion constantly, germs and diseases get less change to grow as well as molds. The perfect air circulation in the greenhouse which is created by the double-layer air distribution hoses, makes sure that there are less or no diseases occurring in the greenhouse.

Enerdes Air distribution hoses with a long lifespan

Through the controlled movement of air in the double-layer air distribution hoses, there is no turbulence or uneven air movement. The result is that the hose is more stable and is subjected to less fatigue. This prolongs the lifespan of the hoses, so they do not need to be replaced as often. In addition, the maximum UV-stabilization ensures that light does not affect the air distribution hoses. Furthermore, special additives make sure that the hoses are sturdy and tear less easily. Properties of Enerdes distribution hoses are:

  • Long lifespan because they are made from sturdy and durable plastic
  • UV-stabilized
  • Efficient air distribution
  • Patented design for a small pressure drop over the length of the air hose and optimal air velocity and air flow direction from the puncture holes
  • Easy installation

Enerdes air distribution hoses for air circulation

Enerdes has its own production facility for producing air distribution hoses. Our 6 machines together  can produce 5 hectares of semi-closed greenhouse air distribution hoses per day. Over the last 10 years we have produced and supplied 4000km of air distribution hoses with a large diameter. Our air distribution hoses are being used in the whole world. Of course we can print your own custom logo on the hoses. We supply the hoses both in white and transparent. They can be provided with any desired pattern of holes. Of course we advise you in this, so that the air is evenly distributed throughout the entire air distribution hose. We can even model your greenhouse, gutters and plants with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and determine the theoretically most optimal puncture hole distribution. Any length, any diameter and any hole pattern is possible, but some combinations are more optimal for your greenhouse than others. We can help you find the best choice.

Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment by Enerdes

For some greenhouses, an even distribution of introduced CO2 gasses is very important as well. Instead of opening valves that blow CO2 rich gasses into the greenhouses. CO2 tubes can be connected to the valves. These smaller poly ducts with a diameter of most commonly ø50 mm, are usually about 50 m long and have small puncture holes over the tube, similar to air distribution hoses. The pressure distribution along CO2 tubes is critical for the CO2 introduction around your plants. We manufacture these CO2 tubes as well and we can advise you what the best length, diameter and hole pattern is for your crop.

Enerdes air distribution hoses are being used in the whole world!

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Air distribution hoses: the perfect diameter

Through our years of experience and research, we can calculate exactly what hoses ensure perfect airflow in your greenhouse. In the table below, L is a symbol for the length of the greenhouse. Next, look at the correct distance from the centre to the centre of the gutter, also in meters.

Which diameter hose fits the best in your greenhouse layout?

Enerdes Air Distribution hoses greenhouse dimensions

Greenhouse air distribution accessories

A complete air distribution system for greenhouses includes many other components besides the air distribution hoses. These are all supplied by Enerdes as well.

  • Greenhouse fan
  • End caps
  • End caps with adjustable opening
  • Suspension hangers
  • Suspension chain
  • Clamps and ties
  • Plenums

Other common names for air distribution hoses in greenhouses are:

  • Air hoses
  • Air ducts
  • Air tubes
  • Air distribution ducts
  • Air distribution tubes
  • Convection tubes
  • Poly ducts or poly ducting
  • Poly convection tubing
  • Textile ducts or textile ducting

Recirculation Fans

In modern horticultural greenhouses, air circulation plays an increasingly important role. One of the characteristics of warm air is that it rises to the top. Recirculation fans set the air in motion and, through the recirculation of air, ensure that the heat is optimally distributed in the greenhouse. As a result, uniform development of the crops takes place.

The advantages of EC fans

The main advantage of EC fans compared to traditional AC fans lies in the higher efficiency. An EC fan achieves an efficiency of up to 99% as opposed to 20-70% with AC fans. This results in a more efficient use of energy, less lost heat and a longer life. In addition, an EC fan produces less noise and these recirculation fans have a very long service life. Compared to other fans, they move up to 2 times more volume. If required, we can also supply the traditional AC fans.

Axial EC fan vs. Radial EC fan

An Axial EC fan uses blades and has the advantage of being able to move a high volume despite its small size. An Axial EC fan is perfect for low pressure systems. A Radial EC fan uses a wheel and moves relatively less volume. A Radial EC fan is perfect for overpressure systems due to its high pressure and high energy efficiency.

Controlling recirculation fans wirelessly

Our fans can be controlled wirelessly through a computer program. The rotation speed and startup time are easily set for all your fans, for a specific group of fans and even per single fan. Once multiple fans are assigned the same setpoints, the built-in repeaters ensure that the signal is repeated. To protect your data, the sender and receiver use encrypted data. The software is suitable for all EBM Papst EC fans. Installation is easy, we can attach any plug ex-factory (for example Wieland) to make the system plug-and-play. Now the system is ready to use immediately and plug directly into the power outlet and the system works immediately. Besides wireless control, our fans can also be controlled by a 0-10 V signal or PWM control.

Air circulation with recirculation fans from Enerdes

Enerdes is known for customer specific solutions. Our engineers like to think along with you to achieve the desired result. We are specialized in supplying energy efficient ventilators. Our fans are also extremely suitable for recirculation under the crop in combination with our air distribution hoses.

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End caps

Each end cap has four adjustable openings. This allows you to determine how much air is allowed to escape from each air distribution hose. The extra ventilation at the end of the air distribution hose increases the quality of your plants at the center aisle.

Improved working conditions

On a center aisle in a greenhouse, it is often hot due to the sun shining full on the concrete. An additional advantage of end caps is that the often hot concrete in the aisles is cooled by the air distribution hoses. This ensures better working conditions for your employees.

A better look for your company

Normally, air distribution hoses are often terminated by means of tie wraps. This often looks unkempt. The use of end caps gives a more professional look and can also be used for marketing purposes by using stickers for example.

End caps of Enerdes

Enerdes delivers tailor-made end caps and can coat them if required. We can also provide them with stickers with your (company) logo’s. We often deliver them in combination with air distribution hoses.

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